The Joan

August 2021 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The multifunctional office building The Joan in Amsterdam is easily accessible from the A10 and A2. The office building, visible from the highway, will soon measure 24,000 square meters of office and creative business space that can be flexibly arranged. The building is being built according to the Breeam Excellent & Well Platinum standard.


On behalf of Kropman Installatietechniek, Elektro Internationaal supplied parts for the electrical installation, including the main distributor in the Prisma P system by Schneider Electric and various sub-distributors in Prisma GK as well as various Halyester panels.


Due to the limited available space, Elektro Internationaal delivered the main distributor in 3 parts, which were linked on site and placed in an angled position. The main distributor is powered by a 1600 kVA transformer and has a capacity of 2500A with a short circuit value of 40kA.


The main distributor is fully metered with power analyzers. The sub-distributors in the office building have also been metered, so that allocated billing of of consumption to the various renting parties will be possible.


[Image: Prologue]



The Joan The Joan