Data center Nairobi

Ready for shipment

May 2019 - Nairobi, Africa

The brand new Nairobi Campus - a carrier neutral data center from in Nairobi, Africa - is expected to open in August 2019. The data center covers an area of ??2,000 m2 with 500 m2 of IT space where there will be room for 226 racks. The power plan is based on a double power supply and full redundancy (2N).

In combination with Zwart Techniek, Elektro Internationaal carries out work for the African data center. Zwart Techniek supplies the generators and Elektro Internationaal 7 panels in the Okken system by Schneider Electric, including:

- 2 generator panels

- 1 transformer panel

- 2 main distribution panels

- 2 UPS panels

Twelve PDUs were also assembled in the Prisma system.

The UPS and the UPS panels are connected to each other via Canalis bus bar by Schneider Electric supplied by STbenelux. The main distribution panels are also fitted with bus bar. The total length of the applied bus bar will be 35 meters.


On transport
In week 17 all panels were transported by truck to Zwart Techniek in IJmuiden. There the panels will be crated for sea transport. The 7 Okken panjels and 12 PDUs are first subjected to a special inspection by customs, after which the cargo is sealed so that no detailed customs clearance is needed in Africa that could delay the transport. If everything goes well, the panels will be shipped during week 19.


Final check
In week 24, Elektro International’s service engineers will connect everything on site. In the meantime, post-measurements and checks are also carried out by the Elektro International project manager to guarantee correct positioning of the panels and a suitable connection of the bus bar system.





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